The digital transformation, AI and IoT are just a few constant companions of all our work and life. We are connected internationally. We communicate and discuss via Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and thus experience our everyday life increasingly virtually. The perception of emotions, empathy and reactions are the foundation upon which we build trust and make decisions. In an increasingly virtual world, the most efficient place for this remains real.

Network Circle connects top executives of the largest companies worldwide. With our Executive Circles, we enable you to share your business-relevant topics in an open and exclusive atmosphere at the same level in a time-efficient manner. It is our goal to be the constant source of ideas and motivator. Our advisory group around Mrs. Prof. Dr. Kohlert (learning worlds), Prof. Dr. Hennicker (software development) and other visionary leaders in science, business and politics have supported us since our founding with new innovative ideas, scientific approaches and decades of experience.

Time Efficiency

Top decision-makers do not have one thing above all else - time. That’s why it is essential to make your time efficient. Network Circle is tailor made for top decision makers. We would like to redefine the term time efficiency in business networking.


The basis for time efficiency is a relevant theme setting.Together with you and other top-ranking economic decision-makers, we work on relevant topics at the relevant time.

open exchange

The open exchange is the be-all and end-all of our concept. Only through honest exchange on essential topics synergy effects can be created and used.

Top level

We work exclusively with the top level of the German economy. The same claim that we have for our guests, we have at us and our venues in Munich, Cologne and Berlin.


Be inspired by an exclusive frame in exclusive company. The invitation is always in personal address. It is important that relationships in function and economic sector are the basis for the success of our concept.

Business Continuity

An essential component of the Network Circle is consistency and sustainability. As a top decision-maker of the economy, your interest always involves having a continuous exchange, to be able to respond to developments and changes in the economy in a structured and effective way.

Become part of the "network" and experience the open exchange about the topics relevant to you in an exclusive atmosphere with top decision-makers at your level in a sustainable and time-efficient mode.